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About Us

SafeCargo is a 100% mexican broker company specialized in providing different cargo (freight) insurance options through various agents and the best insurance companies in the market. Its mission is to provide protection alternatives for your shipments, at the best prices and with the widest coverages. SafeCargo is committed with their customers and offers a timely and quality service, resulting in tranquility for you and your company. Our main goal is to provide a reliable service that will bring support while hiring a cargo insurance or freight insurance policy in a fast and efficient way, for your domestic and international shipments.

SafeCargo is dedicated to offer the quality advice you need in order to guarantee the most complete coverage for your goods during transportation, and also coordinates for you, in a simple and agile way, the freight insurance for your cargo, offering comfort to all our clients when acquiring the service. Additionally SafeCargo offers added value services so we can provide "expertise" on local and international transportation matters, by means of courses, advice and consultancy, with a group of experts in the field.

We understand that each person and each package reflects a proper identity, and that's why we have designed a personalized customer care system that adjusts to each client's needs. The success of our company is based on the value we have given to our client's interests. Our experience on the transport insurance scope guarantees the most complete protection for your products.