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Air Cargo Insurance

The air insurance can provide coverage for the risks and damage to goods traveling by air. SafeCargo offers a complete service where you can purchase such insurance without drawbacks. We know that by their nature, coordination of air transport is extremely agile, so we designed a scheme that will allow you to have the necessary cover for your goods during shipment without investing a lot of time.

Our trained staff will offer different coverage options and rates in the shortest time possible and with the best care. Our duty is to support you at all times and give you peace of mind to any kind of loss you may suffer their merchandise.

Air Cargo Insurance

For air cargo insurance, it is possible to protect transported goods under the following coverages: theft (total and/or partial), ordinary transit risks, loading/unloading maneuvers, warehouse to warehouse, storage, water damage, oxidation, contamination (contact with other cargos), breakage and/or crack, fire, explosion.

Due to aircrafts' characteristics, the merchandise must comply 2 requirements: being not too bulky and have a low weight. It should be noted that, since it is a fast and secure transport, it has the lowest amount of accidents nowadays.

Coverage by total and/or partial theft of content is guaranteed, only when the affected package or packages present exterior damage traces and that is justified properly before consignee takes care of the insured goods.

Considering the case of ordinary transit risks for air cargo insurance, coverage is included on the insured goods against material loss or damage directly caused by:

  1. Fire, lightning, explosion.
  2. Aircraft downfall.
  3. Damaged directly caused by loading and unloading maneuvers, when those movements are intended to place goods over the aircraft or when they are downloaded from it. Stowage, stash, or storage maneuvers are specifically excluded when they are executed before goods are in charge or under the transport company responsibility.

Necessary, ordinary, or random transshipments in other or others public service aircrafts are included on the air cargo insurance. In case that the interrupted trip cannot be continued and that the transport company has the obligation of sending merchandise to destination by ordinary transport means such as land or ocean, the insurance will be valid on this additional stage of the journey, as long as regular shipping line vessels or officially enabled inland locomotive services are used.

As per insured request and by means of an agreed over premium, the entity can take care of the before mentioned risks after aircraft departure, since the moment that merchandise is delivered to the transport company for transportation, until the release to consignee, after the unloading at destination airport.

For the transportation of the insured goods, leased aircrafts, as well as cargo and commercial aircrafts can be used for its service.